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Who I Am

My name is Matt Crandall, I live in a suburb of the Seattle/Tacoma area, and I’m an anarchist.  I’m married to a wonderful lady whom I’ve known since I was 19, we have 2 kids, a dog, a lawnmower, a house, and yes, we have a damned minivan.

That minivan was a sore purchase for us, but the fact is we’d grown large enough as a family that we needed SOMETHING that could accommodate all of us plus dog, groceries, etc… and while I’m not a raving environmentalist, I’m enough a product of my generation that the thought of belching out fumes from a large SUV at the rate of 9 miles per gallon terrified me; so all ‘coolness’ considerations were laid aside, and we bought a minivan.

(Can you tell I’m still defensive about it?)

This site is intended to discuss some of the issues that arise being both concerned with liberty activism and anarchism, and living in a place where activism itself (of the black bloc, masked G20 marauder type) is largely non-existant.  I hope, however, to show a real practical anarchy that is already nascent in the suburbia I’ve grown up in – and hopefully to open some suburban eyes to those who have yet to think about it deeply.

Love it? Hate it? Don’t understand it?  Let me know!  Hit me up on Twitter (@downdurnst) or via email (downdurnst  at  gmail  dot  com).

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